Allow Provisional Admission In PG Courses If Semester's Results Is Delay by University..

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"Allow Provisional Admission To Those Students Who Are Not Taken To Any College For PG Courses Due To The Delay in Their Semester's Results" 

It is sometime witness that students who have got Re-appear in their  some previous semesters and have appeared in those semesters at the current year of admissions are not allowed to take admissions for further study as their results are not declared by Universities before the end of the year so they have no choice except to waste their time and it doesn't matter whether they are passed in those semester later..

Do the failure students have no rights to study further if they get passes later that year? Why a student should face the wastage of his/her one year due to the negligence of University and delay of its working schedule?

There are lots of error in University's working body. If a student gets Re-appear in any one subject in his/her 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester respectively and appearing this year to clear/pass out it, is not supposed to take admission anywhere in PG courses because he/she gets only 6th Semester results on time before the last date of admission to any courses ie. in June or July and not eligible to take admission because his/her 2nd Semester results will out in nearby November and 4th Semester results will out in nearby September.. If he/she clears all the exams in these Semester, still have to waste their that year as University has no provision for admission for such students and if somehow it is then no college (affiliated to this University) is taking such students..

University should look after this issue and take steps for the future of the students and should provide them Provisional admission till their last result out and if you are not worthy to provide them the provisional admission then you must display the results of all the semesters before the admission time..