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Animals Of Kurdistan NGO started this petition to Yousif Mohammed (Gorran Party (Change ) / Kurdistan Parliament Speaker) and

Kurdistan Parliament We PLEAD you create and  ENFORCE Animal RIGHTS & PROTECTION for ALL Animals in Kurdistan Iraq.

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'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' Ghandi’’


Animals are suffering all over the world because of cruelty inflicted by humans, animal abuse is not caused by one race alone, sadly millions suffer every single day because of callous humans, animals go through unspeakable torture all because they have no voice, and unfortunately we cannot put an end to all the cruelty in the world, but each and one of us can make a difference, simply by giving voice. The world is an evil place not because of the evil commited but because of those who turn away and do nothing. We need YOUR help to help animals of Kurdistan and Iraq who until now have endured affliction from the heinousness of wars and the absence of compassion.

It was not long ago when Kurdistan was living in fear under a regime of terror from a merciless dictator, subjected to inhumane methods of torture and refused rights as human beings, made to suffer in pain, bloodshed and losses of loved.The nation of Kurdistan Iraq have experienced DECADES of war/ instability and traumatic abuse themselves, the nation has lived in severe anguish for  a long-time, many of which were born into the brutalities of war. But Kurdistan is now FREE and emerging furiously;  and we must not forget to include the ANIMALS and ALL living creatures in this positive change, so they too can live with-out fear and pain in peace.

Amid this boom in development and change  the welfare of powerless living creatures continue to be dis-regarded ,animals are mis-treated and forced to a  life of misery and anguish, from stray animals such as dogs, cats, donkeys and horses and to those captive in ''zoo's''.

Kurdistan Iraq Government must support the rescue and protection of animals, and the Government must provide veterinarians with adequate support; from funding to supplies, most if not all veterinarians do not have adequate qualifications or experience.  Animal welfare and protection must not be dis-regarded.

The emotions you experience when you see an innocent animal in Kurdistan Iraq causes heart break because they live a life of cruel misery and most meeting a painful end. 

This petition is sub-headed> there are numerous links to images/videos/ articles near the end.


Stop Animal Abuse Kurdistan PAGES >  please show your support



ILLEGAL Smuggling of Wild-Life

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of exotic animals being illegally smuggled into Kurdistan to supply the ‘’Zoo’s’’ in Kurdistan and it has also become a common trend among the wealthy Kurds and especially the young to own wild animals such as tigers, lions, bears and so on, the competition of owning the most exotic animal is also on the rise as ignorance and arrogance aim to out-shine one another. The methods adopted by the smugglers to pass the wild-life through the borders undetected is remorseless, and many times the animals face a painful demise on the long brutal journey.The un-lucky ones that survive the journey  alive more than frequently arrive ill to face a life of misery in their new homes under a reign of cruelty in Kurdistan/ Iraq ‘zoo’s of HELL in a country where animals and their welfare simply doesn’t count or matter to those who are in a position of power.

It has been reported the main smugglers come from surrounding countries such as China, Thailand, and other Asian countries,  and also war-torn Syria, and Iran.  The countries which these animals are smuggled in from do not regard animal cruelty an issue and we must not let this mentality and way of life infect Kurdistan and make it worse than it already is. Kurdistan/ Iraq is still developing we are at a stage where the people can be influenced in their treatment towards wild- and exotic animals. The WORST thing to do is allow these countries to further influence an already abusive mind-set towards animals.

Anyone with an atom of humanity and empathy will agree the right thing to do is create and most importantly ENFORCE a law to protect animals from ILLEGAL smuggling.

It is the responsibility of the law makers to put an end to illegal smuggling, and to  support in raising of awareness about how these animals are smuggled into the country, because MANY people do not understand the cruel journey these animals endure before they reach their deswtination. Raising awareness about the horrific methods smugglers use will help raise compassion, because Kurds understand how it is to be mis-treated and feel powerless and be surrounded by fear, I believe there is compassion yet.

Kurdistan's ZOO HORROR

Erbil / Koya Zoo / Sulemania Zoo / Duhok Zoo/ Mosul Zoo

All privately owned by heartless businessmen who have no compassion or consideration for the animals well-being, the sole objective is financial concern. Animal Rights Activists have been long concerned with Kurdistan’s cruel zoo conditions, some pitiful attempts were made to ‘improve’ the conditions for instance the old Erbil Zoo, larger plot of land was given to them just outside Erbil on the rout to Koya , despite the move the conditions and distress of the animals still remain the same. The Zoo owners are businessmen and the animals are nothing but a means of generating money, despite some intervention their lack of interest in improving the living conditions is a dishonour to Kurdistans fights for FREEDOM.

These zoo owners are WEALTHY, they are not stricken by poverty hence the condition of the animals, these animals are smuggled in illegally and the price tag for each un-lucky exotic animals can be anything up-to $80,000 USD > These Zoo owners are FULLY AWARE of the callous conditions these animals are smuggled in but they do NOT CARE as long as they have the PRODUCT to stick in a cage for display 365 days a year> meeting  a slow painful demise.

In a HUMANELY managed Zoo you would see the animals busy in their own thoughts and play surrounded by an appropriate environment, but in Kurdistan Iraq the animals sit quietly and scared in the blazing heat summers or the bitter cold winters, a sickening feeling of disgust overcomes as you enter this disturbing sad atmosphere, grim, grey cold concrete CAGES welcome you containing distressed animals going out of their minds, which appear to be mis-treated and sickly in TINY cages with barely enough space for them to stretch walk around, usually full of rotten food, and rubbish; wrappers, plastic bottles and even cigarette butts, though the zoo ‘owner’’ and workers do not seem at all bothered.

The SMALL filthy CAGES do not mimic their natural surroundings at all, there are no leaves, grass or even a tree log, NOTHING , the  grief and severe discomfort these animals are suffering from is clearly visible, for it shows in their eyes and unusual behavior, mind numbing boredom combined with ill treatment is enough to induce insanity even among the strongest man on Earth.

Living in fear, going out of their minds is causing psychological distress; these animals are desperate to escape this plight.

 It is the RESPONSIBILITY of Kurdistan Iraq GOVERNMENT to ensure Zoo's are not owned by ruthless men whose only concern is money without regarding the well-being of the animals. These powerless animals are held captive and suffer, from domestic pets, wild-life and smuggled inhabitants of the numerous Kurdistan Zoo's, this includes the NEWLY built Erbil Zoo on route to Koya, all are an abomination and a disgrace to Kurdistan’s concern for life and welfare of living creatures. These animals endure a traumatic life all because the zoo OWNERS lack kindness and empathy.  Whether this is physical abuse or mental distress it must be stopped before the next generation is conditioned and infected by this virus of animal brutality, it is time to educate and change, it is time for the NEW Kurdistan to ENFORCE CHANGE for these powerless creatures.

How are the zoo owners allowed to getaway with illegal smuggling? Their ENTIRE ''BUSINESS'' is based on ILLEGALLY smuggledof animals, so why have the authorities not intervened? 


Below are some of the desperate animals, you will notice it is the same misery for them all.


This is the FIRST country in the WORLD where I have seen domestic dogs and cats displayed in cages at local ZOO's. These dogs/cats live in cages DAY & NIGHT> they do NOT get taken for walks, they live in CAGES their ENTIRE lives desperate for human interaction and freedom, they will slowly die in these Kurdistan Zoo's, the sad and desperate looks in their eyes is heart-breaking.

There is a German Shepherd, a rottweiler dog living in a cage in the Erbil/ Koya ZOO, other zoo's such as Sulemania / Duhok contain  terriers among other breeds,  these incredibly loyal and intelligent dogs have not been given the chance to live their lives as ''mans best friend'' instead the ruthless masters have banished them to a life of misery in a cage. 

The Once Mysterious Wolf

A beautiful wolf with a reputation for being fierce, a mystical creature with many legends following in his shadow. Not anymore, now he constantly bashes himself into the cage trying to escape, staring deep in your eyes as though pleading with you to free him from this undeserved fate. The wolf in the old Erbil Zoo owned by Khalil Kanawani died and never made it to the new zoo, an eye infection which had gone untreated too long caused a painful demise, utterly heart-breaking to know such a beautiful animal was subjected to such cruelty.


These monkeys natural habitat consist of climbing high and swinging from tree to tree playing around happily yet in the ‘NEW’ Kurdistan Zoo the poor monkeys (two – one new arrival )caged in a TINY space and in complete distress; sit impatiently in rubbish and rotten foot, and feces and the stench of urine is over-welcoming, surrounded by tormenting visitors who shout at the animals and throw stones to irritate them, they stick their fingers in the cage, and give the monkeys lit cigarettes ( one of the monkeys is infamously known for smoking cigarettes). There are neither leaves, nor a patch of grass just a cold hard concrete cage, and if anyone who recognizes an atoms worth about animals would know that monkeys live in groups, they need to have their own kind around them. No sight of water in the cage or suitable food.

My experiences when visiting ''zoo's''> animal conservation enclosures >you witness the naughty monkeys so full of life chasing one another around playing, climbing trees high in the sky and swinging from branch to branch before joining the rest of their families and friends. Here they are lethargic, scared and ill.

AGONY>  Lonely BEAR                                                                                                                   Once upon a time he roamed freely through the Middle East but now faces extinction because they are hunted for sport or to display in zoo’s while being treated cruelly.

The bears in Kurdistan Zoo sit in an empty urine and feces stained concrete cage bored; and distressed, visitors walk past tormenting the poor animal, the bear paces up and down his from frustration, miserable and sick  denied fellowship of others of his kind, no exercise, and no mental stimulation, a disgrace on the humans who are responsible, it is stomach turning to witness such pain.

Brown bears are  now extinct in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria, few remain in Iran and Turkey lets not allow the same to happen in Kurdistan..

There is a video clip of the bear been given a pumpkin from his behavior it is visible he has never had a pumpkin before and it takes him a while to understand how to eat it. The lack of experience the zoo owner has is not only ridiculous but also dangerous, as you see in the video clip he and his son go inside the cage to sweep the floor while the bear is eating, we all know animals should not be approached during feeding time, so had this bear attacked one of them it would have resulted in death for not only the human but the bear would have been killed all because the zoo owner lacks education or understanding in relation to animals. No site of water in the cage either.


Anxious WEAK King of the Jungle > Lions

Beautiful lion cubs smuggled into Kurdistan zoo's - a small concrete cage crawling with lice, far from the lions natural habitat or the safety of their pride and mother. They sit scared and pace up and down their SMALL and EMPTY concrete cage tirelessly as they are surrounded by screaming visitors banging on the cage, TOXIC junk food, such as chocolate etc and plastic wrappers fill the floor of the cage. There is no sight of fresh water, there is no shelter from the blazing hot sun, or blistering cold winters. The lions look ill, and thin, a memory of what this line could have been had he not met this ruthless master.

The anguish these beautiful wild animals endure is inhumane torture as they  lay in their prison cells . Their fur matted and crawling with lice, no sight of life in their eyes, in the video link below you will see the lions excitement at the site of meat, which we believe has only ever tasted because of the foreign visitors.  No sight of water in the cage. 

Thin Mis-TREATED Tiger

Thin miserable tiger sits gasping for breath in the blazing heat, and no doubt due to illnesses caused by an irresponsible cruel owner, the tiger again like the other animals stares out in between the cage in despair; he then rolls on his side on the hard ground. The lifeless looking tiger resembles nothing of the wild fearless reputation when living in the wild, he is but a shadow of his natural self-confined to a small airless concrete cage in summer and cold and wet in winter,sits alone  in misery. 

Distraught Supressed Fox                                                                                                                     The suffering of the fox is dominant, continuously pacing up and down the  cage, with no space to  hide, as we know foxes live in underground dens, tunnel structures that they dig and often use for generations, fascinating shy creatures need to be able retreat into their den to feel safe. Instead captivated in isolation, the beautiful fur is matted and he is thin and petrified. No sign of water in the cage, your heart bleeds at the site of his misery and pain

Suicidal Hyena                             

The hyena is but a washed away shadow of what a hyena is supposed to be, the poor hyena pushes himself in the corner of the empty and dead concrete cage, and won’t even turn around when food is thrown at him, instead cowers in the corner when not pacing up and done tirelessly. The hyena is under-nourished and the patterns on the once beautiful fur do not resemble that of a hyenas, the poor nutrition and solitude living conditions are hell for this pack animal. A pungent smell of urine and faeces flows through the cage, desperate to leave this hell. No sight of water in the cage.

White Peacock                  

 Alone in a concrete cage, No grass, no companion, NOTHING, just a bare cage with a few cigarette butts on the floor and some stale looking bread, the cage is filthy. This is complete TORTURE , the conditions are incredibly horrific, causing immense distress, it is inhumane to allow this owner of the zoo to carry on yet he does without even being questioned about where he obtained his animals from, as we know they were smuggled IN. This beautiful rare white peackock was put in a cage too small to even open his beautiful trail.


The above are but a few of the animals, these zoo's have been ''trading'' for many years, ten to twenty years or so, for so many years animals have been smuggled to Kurdistan Zoo's to suffer agony all because the zoo owners lack empathy towards living creatures and their ultimate priority is money.



These animals have been regarded as pests from the start of their lives in Kurdistan Iraq, cats and especially dogs are beaten, or shot, or stoned half to death, even poisoned> or just left to starve to death, all these methods of cruelty inflict incredible pain, slow traumatic deaths. Stray cats and dogs are often sick and weak and again just left to die. Not an ounce of compassion is given to these animals, there many Kurds in kurdistan who are not happy with the treatment of these animals and show their support in ending this.

On route from Sulemania to Erbil Hewler, there are hundreds of dead dogs on the road, because it is common practice to speed up and run dogs over, a form of amusement.

Cats and dogs are incredibly affectionate,intelligent and emotional creatures they are like humans, they feel fear, pain, depression, grief, hunger, cold, it is inhumane to disregard their existence.

There has been an INCREASE in stray pets because, many Kurds, especially children of wealthy families import dogs from Europe/ USA etc and other foreign countries... The stray dogs of Kurdistan Iraq have no chance of a loving home, these strays are denied a right to live in peace, they endure cruelty/ abuse from kids and adults alike, either beaten/ starved/ or run-over. 

The country is wealthy yet there is not yet an animal shelter in the country, no investment or consideration for these stray animals who call Kurdistan Iraq home, where are they to go? Do they not have equal rights to this land as you and I ?


what chance do these innocent animals have? The Mayor of Ankawa Erbil Kurdistan wants to BAN DOGS from the city, this will cause  a genocide of innocent dogs whos only fault is being a dog. It is the GOVERNMENTS RESPONSIBILITY to ENSURE such ATROCIOUS crimes are NOT committed in the NEW Kurdistan, apeaceful country which has suffered so much in the past,

READ THIS> http://rudaw.net/mobile/english/opinion/08122013?ctl00_phMainContainer_phMain_ControlComments1_gvCommentsChangePage=3_50

 SIGN this PETITION TOO http://www.change.org/petitions/mayor-of-ainkawa-erbil-kurdistan-iraq-do-not-ban-dogs-and-instead-help-make-ainkawa-more-dog-friendly?share_id=CAKuEwtsRA&utm_campaign=share_button_mobile&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

Kurdistan Donkey

Thousands of donkeys poisoned, shot in Kurdistan New Iraq since the NEW EMERGING country, because there was simply no more use for them as everyone now has a vehicle of some sort. Many donkeys who were not poisoned or shot  were left to starve to death or freeze to death. During the war the closest alias the Kurds had in the mountains were donkeys, how can they be dis-regarded so easily? 



Help us change the lives of Kurdistan Iraq animals, sign this petition, email Kurdistan and Iraq Prime Minister, and write/ email the Kurdish Regional Government in your country and politely express how you feel about the way the Kurdistan Iraq Zoo's mis-treat/ illegally smuggled animals, express your thoughts on the stray cats and dogs that are mis-treated and neglected, and lets not forget the loyal donkeys.

Kurdistan Iraq  is a beautiful land, wealthy in culture and history, but many animals live in oppression and we need your help to raise awareness and help shed light on those animals who are dying in misery.


PLEASE show compassion to these living creatures, protect their lives and well-being, STOP merciless humans from torturing them to generate material gains. Give these animals a place of safety where they too can live without fear.








(See how distressed the HYENA is - among the other animals














Iraq Dog Massacre > http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2010/06/iraq-kbr-one-million-dogs-death









 horrific conditions of animals in Kurdistan and Iraq). 

Check out the following on Terri Crisp
  http://www.charitywatch.org/articles/SPCAInternational.html   http://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnn-reporter-confronts-woman-running-military-dog-charity-scam-cnn-feels-like-we-were-lied-to/

PLEASE SEND LETTERS, EMAILS, TWEETS to the following officials ( details BELOW) , express how you feel knowing animals are being subjected to such brutality in Kurdistan the NEW IRAQ

Dear Mr President MasoUd Barzani Kurdistan Iraq



KRG- Kurdish Regional Government

Bayan Sami Rahman > @BayanRahman


Lower Ground Floor

23 Buckingham Gate



EMAIL: uk@krg.org



KRG Representation in Australia

Representative: Mr Haval A. Syan

P O Box 491 Liverpool

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KRG Representation in the USA


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KRG Representation in Australia

Representative: Mr Haval A. Syan

P O Box 491 Liverpool

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Phone: 612 98 22 22 72

Fax: 612 98 22 22 76

Email: australia@krg.org

Visits by appointment only. For administrative matters (wekalet), appointments can be made for Thursdays from 10.00 to 15.00.


KRG Representation in Austria

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KRG Representation in Germany

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KRG Representation in Russia

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