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Demanding the Disclosure and Punishment of all those who Do Business with ISIS

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We the undersigned, express our utmost anger and discontent in reaction to the announcement of the names of a number of officials and businessmen who are doing business with ISIS. We believe that it is our duty to raise our voices not only to protest such shameful actions but also to protect the rights of the people of Kurdistan. This is not only an example of an outrageous act of corruption but also a black stain on the reputation of the rulers of the country. It is also an outright betrayal of the sea of blood spilled by the courageous women and men of our country who fight day in and day out against the barbaric forces of ISIS.


Trading oil, cars, weapons and other materials with a barbaric and inhumane force such as ISIS is legitimization of the dark and evil caliphate of beheading of people and killing and enslaving women and children. This cannot be acceptable by any human conscious and should be immediately investigated and those who are doing such trading be identified and punished.


We, and the international community, are hearing such shocking news at the time that ISIS exposed Iraq and Kurdistan to the most barbaric and extreme acts of terrorist ever. ISIS is committing mass killings, beheading ‘festivals’, showing off the bodies of their victims in the streets, enslaving women, kidnapping Yazidi and Christian girls and children. These shocked the world and created a nauseating sense of disgust. At the time that tens of hard working people are fighting ISIS and offering their lives to protect our people, at the time that thousands of women, children and elderly were displaced and have no shelter in the difficult winter, at the time that thousands of workers and government employees did not receive their wages for months, in the face of all of this, there are businessmen and officials who reached such law levels of inferiority to do business with ISIS.


At the time that all of the people of Kurdistan and Iraq including Kobani are fighting and trying to eradicate this deadly virus of ISIS, there are officials and businessmen whose names are now declared to the public are assisting those terrorists and supplying them with cash and other materials that they need to continue killing our peoples. 


We, therefore, believe that any form of assistance or complacency including political, military or financial facilitation is an extreme form of crime against the lives and dignities of people and it is moreover a direct participation in the crimes of this barbaric group. Such actions should be shamed and exposed.


We the undersigned demand the followings:


1.         Investigating and announcing the names of all of those officials and businessmen who are doing business with ISIS to the public. All of those should be removed from their political and official positions until they are sued in a court of justice.


2.         A public announcement by the three presidencies of Kurdistan that they will sue and punish all those who trade and do business with ISIS.


Without doubt this corrupt act of selfishness will serve only the barbaric goals of ISIS and will ultimately result in the surrender to that terrorist group. Therefore we call the three presidencies to act responsibly and respond positively to the demands of this petition.


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