Misty's adoption wish

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Misty is a young 13 year old girl from attiwapiskat first nation. Shes been passed around different foster homes since age 11.

On October 16th, 2018 she moved in with foster parents Ardis and Mike Chedore of Cochrane, ON. These people love Misty as their own and have her best interests at heart. She has a cat named Oreo, attended Scouts at 1st Cochrane Scout group, been registered for highschool, and goes to the ininew friendship center where she has a counselor she can speak with about anything that's going on. On Christmas she asked Mike and Ardis if they could adopt her, as she was happy and felt like part of their family. 


On April 1st 2019, she was apprehended during the school day by Kunuwanimano Child and Family Services. Ardis and Mike were NOT notified. They were almost ready to file an amber alert as the worker from kunuwanimano did not sign in right and didn't notify Ardis or Mike at work. 

After being apprehended, Misty went to visit Ardis daily at the library where she works. They attended her graduation and even took her out to get her hair done.


July 22nd, 2019 was the last time they saw Misty. On the 23rd of July she was taken AGAIN to a foster home in Hearst, Ontario. No heads up, didn't even get to say goodbye to Mike and Ardis or ANY of her friends from Cochrane, ON.

Misty was so torn she took to Facebook and posted a photo saying "My name is Misty Shisheesh from Attiwapiskat first Nation. I have been in foster care since I was 11 years old. I have a home with a family who wants me but I keep getting moved. But no one listens to me. Why? Cause the system is broken."

This young girl deserves stability and a family that loves her and cares about her well-being. She wants to be adopted by her former foster parents and was very happy there with no issues between her and the family. Why move her constantly? Why are they about keeping families together then ripping away foster kids once they find a family? The reason for this petition is to get support from family, friends, aquaintance's, or anyone who agrees Misty deserves to go back home to the Chedore's. We have already reached out to our MP Charlie Angus on the issue and their story continues to spread around social media. If you agree that this child should be with the family please sign! Thank you/miigwetch. Hopefully this can help her dream of being adopted by the people she considers her mom and dad.