Bihar Govt: Order mandatory quarterly social audits for every Shelter Home #SafeShelter

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When the protector becomes the perpetrator!!

When the Guardian becomes the criminal!

  • ‘In Muzaffarpur home [where from a single shelter home reports of rape of up to 40 minor girls is being investigated] the girls had no access to any sort of open space and were literally locked up in their wards except for when they went to the dining hall.’*
  • ‘They were made to work for the superintendent, cook and clean for him, beaten up if they refused. One of the boys showed a 3 inch long scar across his cheek from the time he was hit when he refused to cook for supervisor.'*
  • ‘Female staff were forcing boys to write lewd messages on paper.’*

What was common to these incidents was not just the brutality of abuse, but that the perpetrators of these crimes (and these ARE crimes!) were the very people assigned to protect these children!

How many more children are going to suffer such abuse before we take action?

The Tata Institute of Institutional Sciences (TISS) revealed in a recent social audit the alarming prevalence of abuse and the pathetic state of shelter homes in Bihar.

There is currently no requirement to have such social audits, so we don’t even know how much abuse is going undetected. Enough is enough!

This is your chance to change this! Hold these so-called protectors accountable!

Sign this petition to get the Bihar government to take action and prevent future abuse. Your signature on this petition today will save countless children from abuse.

Let us first ask the Government of Bihar to issue an order mandating Social Audits across all shelter homes and publish its reports on the public domain.

Maker it mandatory to publish 

Further, we need these shelter homes to be monitored using CCTV cameras.

Incidents of this nature have happened so far because the perpetrators thought that the children had no voice and nobody to speak for them. Give them your voice with your signature NOW!


#SaveBiharsChildren #SafeShelter #StopChildAbuse