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Bring back Kuda stamps

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The stamping system was a large part of what made Kuda a great club in Cambridge, giving students a lot of flexibility meaning that many more people attend and have a much better experience. The stamping system made Kuda stand out from the other clubs in Cambridge and ensured the loyalty of many students. Stamping enabled us to walk friends home to ensure their safety whether they were too drunk or not before returning to Kuda, to go home if you’d forgotten something, to get food to sober up, to go back home to get more money and to convince other people to come out too!

The stamping system was also beneficial for Kuda itself as it made people choose Kuda over other clubs, and, encouraged people to spend money on drinks when otherwise people would drink at home beforehand. Most importantly, a lot of people will no longer go to Kuda at all knowing that once they have got in there is no flexibility to leave and come back. Queuing for ages for clubs is a very negative experience and without stamps fewer people will come before 11 o’clock making the queue longer later on. The reason Sunday Life was the biggest student night of the week was in large part due to the nice atmosphere created by not having to queue as much, thanks to the stamps, and the friendliness of the Smoking Area bouncers. Inevitably, removing stamps will put a strain on both bouncers and customers, removing this atmosphere and eliminating what made Kuda special.

We understand that the stamps have been removed to help control who is in the smoking area and for security reasons. However, we believe that there are other solutions which will alleviate both problems while maintaining the stamping system. We suggest stamping at the end of the smoking area at the Hobson St end - keeping the new barriers and stamping anyone who wishes to leave this area, rather than stamping everyone at the doors, as was done under the old system.

Please sign this petition to persuade Kuda to reinstate stamps!

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