Ku-ring-gai Councillors- Please, no more Delays Make Lindfield Village Hub Happen – NOW

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Ku-ring-gai Council have before them right NOW an unique opportunity to deliver this new Village Heart in Lindfield  that the community support. After six years of Council's excuses and delays the 30,000 residents of Lindfield, Killara and Roseville just want action, NOW. Our Councillors need to show real leadership and get on with it for the benefit of all residents. We are strongly encouraging all Ku-ring- gai Councillors to act NOW, seize this opportunity and make the Lindfield Village Hub happen.  

Woolworths have recently submitted a proposal to council to develop the entire Village including all the community facilities at no cost to us ratepayers. The design proposed includes all the features desired by the community, the urban park, modern library, full sized supermarkets, cafes/retail amenity, 850 car spaces and pedestrian bridge over the highway to the station, linking east and west. We see no obstacles or valid reason why the Council and Woolworths cannot work together over the next few months to conclude arrangements and get on with it

Councillors, there has been six years of dithering. Many plans have been drawn, resolutions have been made and deadlines passed with no progress. The "Yes Minister" rhetoric, "being diligent, probity, careful approach, operationally self funding" are bureaucratic excuses to frustrate and delay it happening.

Councillors you have a rare opportunity to be civic leaders and deliver the new heart to our Village, a legacy for this and future generations. Get on with it.

For more information visit supportlindfield.net  Please email via this page to your community, local family, friends and neighbours seeking their support to this petition to tell them that it’s well and truly time to get on with it.