Object to the over-development planned for 46-50 Cowan Road, St Ives, NSW.

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Thanks to all those who have leapt to support our objection to this hulking monstrosity in our suburb!  Please continue to share and encourage signatures.

We can really make a difference by emailing Ku Ring Gai Council directly to help them really understand how unrealistic and unfair this project is: kmc@kmc.nsw.gov.au   DA0168/19

  This development has been proposed by Thomson Healthcare to build a 132 bed Aged Care facility in Cowan Road, St Ives, NSW.  This small, suburban street is currently occupied by seniors in their 70s, 80s and 90s who are trying to live independently.  This new development will put increased traffic pressure on the street, with delivery trucks, refuse collectors, laundry trucks, visitors and staff, accessing the street 24/7.  If approved, it will have a material adverse impact on Cowan Road, particularly with respect to privacy and access to sun of surrounding homes.  The plan not only poses  a safety risk from increased traffic to current residents as they attempt to access the local shopping village, it will add to the congestion and parking problems already experienced by other St Ives residents, families of school children and local sporting teams who use the local park. The proposed 55 car spaces identified in the plan will simply not be enough for the families, friends of the 132 residents, and the staff, both nursing and administrative, and service staff that will be required. 

The safety, lifestyle and wellbeing of our seniors on Cowan Road is being sacrificed by trying to squeeze in an over-engineered monolith into this prized community street.