Move or get rid of the Children's Corner at Gordon Library

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What has happened to the archetypical librarian who enforces silence?

Many local Year 12 students come to this library to study for their HSCs, which has a significant impact upon their lives. However, many parents are ignorant of this and chose to not take responsibility of their children. During a time of pressure like the HSC, what might seem like a small annoyance turns into anger. There has already been a multitude of complaints regarding the noise levels present at the Children's Corner. Yet, the staff has done little other than to advise people to move to quieter places, but what is the result of an exodus of large amounts of people towards the mysterious and limited areas (barely any) where the sound of screeching children do not reach? No where to sit. The library is a place of study, not a playground and is funded by ratepayer residents of Ku-ring-gai, hence what gives the right for a minority of young parents and their children, to ruin the experience for the majority?

We request that the council considers this petition, and takes action. Either by:

1. Moving the children's corner to relatively soundproof areas near the AWOL Youth Hub,


2. Enforcing stricter rules regarding silence in the library.


3. Closing the children's corner

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