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We, the students, want to address the University as well as the State govt, about the issues faced by the final semester students through this petition. A pandemic of this magnitude has never before occurred in recent history, and its not right for the university to pretend like everything is fine and conduct exams as usual.

Apart from the obvious fact that there is a lot of risk involved when students travel to write exams, and have to meet in huge numbers and sit together to write exams, the students, especially the ones who are from red zones/containment zones and are travelling from afar (students from other states and NRIs) will not be in a mental state to appear for physical examinations.

Most of the top most institutions in our country (IITs and NITs) and even CUSAT in Kerala have recognized this and they have resorted towards conducting online exams and vivas for internals and considering the aggregate scores of the students of the past 7 semesters. Students who wish to improve their grade can appear for physical exams for the same. The number will be less and adequate social distancing measures can be observed.

Students coming from other states and from abroad have to undergo 14 days quarantine before they can appear for the examination which require them to start earlier, where as, there is probability of postponement/cancellation of exam.

In the past 10 days we've had more cases of COVID-19 positive patients through primary contacts, up to 170, which is higher than the spread of the virus through primary contacts over the last 3 months

With all these facts, its quite clear that the situation in our state is only getting worse. If we take a decision now, we can resort towards better internal evaluation methods that will be enough to suffice for the physical examinations. And also at last they will consider HR Minister as well as CM also.