blunder that ktu is doing regarding s5 supply registration

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This is about the blunder caused by ktu regarding s5 supply exam registration whoose victims are innocent students .
1.firstly the university generated a notification that it's s5 results are being republished due to the mistakes done by teachers during their upload ..kudos for that�... and this results are not yet published.

2.Secondly the revaluation results for s5 students have not been still announced ..and the university is trying to conduct it's supplementary examination before announcing those results.

3.A student is paying 600 rupees for each subject(revaluation) for which no Justice is done and he/she is forced to pay 200 rupees again for supply registration.

4.this is not the first time that university is repeating this mistake ..And the mistakes that are done more than once cannot be called a mistake it's a conscious decision.

5. I request the officials not to spoil the life of innocent students by playing with their hard work and their parents hard earned money. I hope if this petetion reaches to the officials some justice will be done.

I also request the students who have been targeted to this to sign this petition.

we need to react.