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Don't stop people with anxiety issues going on school trips

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I was recently told I can't go on a school trip to the French Alps because I have a problem with anxiety attacks, and I may freeze up during the trip.
According to the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, my school should make adjustments to the trip if they need to and not just stop me going on it. Also, I believe that the anxiety is not as bad as the teachers are making out, and my parents and counsellor agree with me, and there should be no adjustments necessary.
This is what happened:
I was told that, should I have too many anxiety attacks before the end of the school year (a little over a week away now) then I would not be able to go on the trip. However, due to exam stress, I ended up having quite a few of these anxiety attacks. During a recent school trip, I also had one as I was reacting to the aerosols people were spraying in the minibus as I am hypersensitive. This led the teachers at my school to tell me I could not go.
Here is the thing, though: my mum was not notified, as was agreed between her and my school, when an incident happened. Also, the emails we did get were sent at such a time that there was no time for us to do anything about what was said, for example the day before the teacher in charge of this trip set off on a two-week trip in another continent.
The teacher in question is also choosing his information so that it supports his cause. For example, he claims that I am uncommunicative during these anxiety attacks, however during the majority of them, I have spoken or otherwise communicated (nodding or shaking my head) with the teacher who is speaking to me.
I was also told that the fact that the teacher in charge of the trip intimidates me just makes the problem worse, as he will be the one there on the trip. However, it is not the job of a student not to be intimidated by a teacher, it is the job of the teacher to modify their behaviour should it be making a student uncomfortable.
Personally, I believe that the decision not to take me to France is unfair, and it is an example of disability discrimination.

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