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Stop Transporting Live Dolphins

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It has come to our attention that your company engages in the transportation of live dolphins in your lorries in Japan. In doing this you are explicitly condoning the terrible hunting, killing, capturing, training, transporting, and the misery of a life in confinement for dolphins.

In this day and age, businesses no longer have one goal of simply maximising profits. Today things have moved on and we see a growth of the stakeholders in a business to include the community at large. Companies are expected to consider a wide range of social responsibilities and no longer can they hide behind ignorance or profit. The world demands more from corporations in exchange for their patronage.

Millions of people worldwide have been signing petitions against the capture, slaughter, and confinement of dolphins. This is because they care. Theses people are aware of the link between drive hunts and the supply of live dolphins to marine parks. This link cannot be denied and the circle of supply and demand irrefutable and profit driven. Public opinion matters and should be taken seriously.  These people use social media and word is spreading fast. Corporations that take these people seriously are respected and acknowledged, for example, Hong Kong Airlines changed their manifesto and stopped live dolphin transport from wild to the captive industry after receiving a petition of 6,500 signatures.

Your company plays an important part of that process and it does you no credit. The public sees your involvement as a self-serving, profit making exercise which is no longer acceptable. We ask you to reconsider your position and change your policies so that live dolphin transport from wild to marine parks is no longer facilitated. We ask you to put ethics before profits.

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