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Save BlueLight Cinemas, Cupertino's Own Community Theater

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In a few days, BlueLight Cinemas, Cupertino's own community theater, will be forced to close its door due to a combination of rent costs and high building maintenance, as a result of neglect by landlord over the years. This community theater has been a part of Cupertino since 1970’s or as long as most everyone can remember. Multi-generation of Cupertino residents have fond memories of going this little gem of theaters.

To reminiscent on the lovely past events that we would never see again, visit

To lament over future events that will be cancelled if BlueLight is forced to close in a few days, visit

Do we sit and watch Cupertino lose another part of our identify?

Could we do something to save this little theater of our own?

Sign this petition to urge KT Urban, the current owner of Oaks Shopping Center, to find a way to accommodate BlueLight Cinemas until the center is redeveloped.

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Cupertino Loses Another Icon:  The BlueLight Cinemas

By a multi-generation Cupertino resident

Many Cupertino residents have been saddened by the news that we will be losing another Cupertino icon, The BlueLight Cinemas, at the Oaks Shopping Center on Steven’s Creek.

The quaint, family-owned theatre has been a joy to Cupertino’s residents for decades. The owners, Art and Jackie Cohen have always gone above and beyond the call of duty to make it an integral part of the community in ways that make it something really special.

The Cohens have donated the use of their theatre for special non-profit events like LunaFest which showcases up and coming women filmmakers with proceeds going to support breast cancer. They have been wonderful supporters of the Cupertino Library Foundation by having free film-festivals with intriguing post-show discussions to get people more interested in the arts. They have also hosted free monthly movies for our locals in Chinese language and festivals for Indian movies. They have supported our schools, boy and girl scouts through field trips and fundraising venues, and so much more.

The BlueLight Cinemas also feature wonderful local and international film festivals such as Adaptive Arts and Silicon Valley Reads, and it’s one of the only places around where you can see harder to find and special interest documentaries .

It’s sad to see another loved community venue be forced out by excessive rent increases and maintenance fees. Just earlier this year we lost The Coffee Society, also located in the Oaks, which was a favorite of locals and De Anza students. The current owners of the property, the Tersini brothers of developer KT Urban, have previously submitted two different development proposals for the property, both which were unpopular with residents and rejected by Cupertino’s City Council so there are no approved plans in the works.  

Many locals don’t feel that it’s the kind of ending that our beloved little theatre deserves.




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