Petition Closed

At this time paying $343.01 is just too high when I have, rent, light/gas, other loans I am paying, credit cards, cell phone ($25 a month), prescription medications, regular medical visits with high co-payments, food, travel back and forth to work, laundry, etc.
No one ever answers the phone, U.S. Department of Education refuses to take into considerations about other bills. I am paying $343.01 a month, I can do $200.00 a month. But they go on Gross pay, Now America, who brings home gross pay! I haven't had a raise in 4-5 years but everything else keeps going up, up, up! They need to work with me on lowering these monthly payments NOW!

Letter to
KSA U.S Department of Education
KSA USA Department of Education,
Please lower these monthly payments from $343.01 a month to $200.00 a month. No one is responding to calls.