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Go4 is currently forbidden the persons miners.
I transmit you this request of petition to be able to make change things.
Go4 was set up in l epoch by ESL to allow big teams Esport d 'to achieve in pro League, and therefore in the professional domain of Esport.
Go4 of l epoch having had one of the 100€ earnings as the victor; and the potential access to the professional world of Esport asking for an age minimum requested by 18 years. Je understand that l 'access is forbidden the persons miners.
ESL having seen again the qualification system for pro League by not passing any more by Go4, as well as abolition of the cash price for the victors.
I forward you this request to be able to open l 'access of Go4 in person of at least of 16 years and more. Besides, the cup" ALL star tournament" accompanied with the same cash price that GO4 is allowed to the miners.
Go4 allowing to the young persons to be spotted by professionals of Esport who participate always this day has this competition and therefore to allow the future generation of young professional to be able to create contacts with these and potentially include in close future a professional team.

I hope that this request will be taken into account to be able to change things.
Yours faithfully.

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