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Stop selling Sergeant's products!

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Sergeant's Kills more than fleas... and didn't actually kill fleas.

I have an indoor cat named Penny, who had fleas when I first got her but hasn't since. My roommate had a dog, who gave Penny fleas. Not thinking anything of it, I went to Fred Meyer's (Kroger) and purchased some flea medication... Sergeant's was the only product on the shelf. Hours later, I got a call saying Penny was acting funny, twitching, and throwing up. I rushed her to the Vet ER. Luckily Penny was okay, but the woman next to me was in the ER for the second night in a row... after giving her dog Sergeant's flea medication. It seemed suspicious, I started researching it online and was HORRIFIED by what I found. Sergeant's products have killed pets for years! The vet sighed and said they have been trying to get it off the shelves for years. How can we trust a grocery store that will contine to sell subpar products that a). do not work and b). could potentially kill your pet? Please join me in urging Kroger to take this posion off the shelves!

UPDATE: I'm having trouble actually being able to reach someone at Kroger (what should I expect from a huge corporation?). I've sent a message to see who to contact and in the meantime if you want to call them directly call: Product issues and inquires: 1-800-576-4377

I'm targeting Kroger because I bought Seargent's Gold from one of their stores - The Kroger Co. (NYSE:KR) is one of the world's largest grocery retailers, with fiscal 2014 sales of $108.5 billion. I think it would be a big step forward if they lead by example and pull this brand.

I had amazon review links posted previously, but they've since been taken down (suspicious?) but I've found other sites with reviews:

Please do your research and keep your pet safe! 

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