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Kroger Company Stores selling offensively branded, "Paranoia" and "Insomnia" Wines

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Hello potential supporters of this petition,

I'm asking for your support in influencing the Kroger Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH to remove all Terravant Company, Paranoia and Insomnia branded Wines from the shelves of all Kroger Stores and affiliated grocery retailers in all 35 States.These products are offensive to individuals suffering from severe mental illnesses, their loved ones. We are represented in the 8.5 million customers in 35 States that patronize your stores and spend significant sums of money. Loyal customers, like myself, should not be offended by any products in your stores. A product, branded with the image of someone severely ill is inappropriate.

Mr. Felix B. Turner - Public Relations Manager located at the Kroger Regional office in Atlanta, forwarded an email to me stating,  "I was the only person that had complained about the product and Kroger had many customers that enjoyed the product and therefore, the product would continue to be sold. I encourage the Kroger Company to follow the company's Stated Core Value.

Integrity: We act in accordance with our values, even when it's difficult.

 Why should this issue be important to all of us?

Paranoia is an intense  state of anxiety and fearful thoughts related to feelings of grandiosity or persecution. Paranoia is a symptom of severe mental illnesses (SMI's) and not disease in itself. All people experience paranoia in certain situations: when a police vehicle is behind us in traffic, a group of friends stop talking, as we approach them or when you're watched from afar by an unknown person. The paranoia represented on the product label, is advanced paranoia, a state of extreme suffering, isolation, delusions and hallucinations. 

Why is this issue important to me?

I have a young adult family member suffering from a severe mental illness (SMI), he is unable to effectively manage his illness on his own. He left home for college, finished business school in 4 years, secured employment, had friends, traveled and looked hopefully towards his future. His illness progressed, multiple job losses ensued, loss of friends, significant others, healthcare insurance and quality housing.

He's illness has increased now, he suffers from anosognosia - which means you're unable to recognize that you are ill. This petition is important because 250,000 young adults develop severe mental illnesses each year in the U.S; thousands more are already sick, under treated, locked in prison cells, victimized by crime.

I know one of these young adults, he's a former exemplary employee at Kroger Store in Duluth, GA. I miss the well person, I watched grown up and thrive. He's lost so much, paranoid, manic and delusional, he hides from those who love him, in New York City in a rented bedroom in a unknown location. A overwhelming sadness came over me, when I glanced at "The Paranoia" wine Bottle. I look and the signers of this petition - look forward to the hearing from you soon.



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