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The Mississippi Attorney General's office along with the District Attorney's office has failed to prosecute the predator who abused neglected, exploited, and ultimately poisoned my father to death. Despite the overwhelming evidence in this case they refuse to bring justice and closure in this matter.The Attorney General's office will never admit liability by substantiating our case. They have been sweeping my father's death under the rug!! We demand justice for Daniel Runnels and closure for his family.

We have fought for justice and closure for nearly 5 years now. We do not intend to give up! Please support us as we try to expose this corruption while continuing to fighting for justice and closure. Thank you!

I started this petition because...
My vulnerable adult father was abused, neglected, tortured, exploited, and ultimately murdered. We begged several different law enforcement agencies to step in and protect our father but they failed to do so. It is my belief that the Attorney General's office failure to protect my vulnerable adult father lead to his death. They left him in the care of a predator and he died as a result. We want justice! We want to make sure that she is never able to harm anyone else or work with  vulnerable people that make easy targets. She is a danger to society. Thank you and God bless!!