November 7, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Marcie Hull

We need to know how to stop the erosion NOW! 

Exact location 

erosion before and after 

2x speed of rushing water eroding the walls of our property

My neighbors and I need assistance in protecting our homes and the children in the neighborhood! 

Pennsylvania State and Easttown Township need to work together to fix the situation!

  • A study of erosion and sediment must be made
  • the immediate erosion needs to be temporarily addressed
  • then all of it needs to be rectified to save the road, the houses and keep children safe. 

There was a weir that leads to a culvert, the weir was undercut by erosion and shifting, (we suspect it is from the added runoff from the new construction upstream from our property) now the water is seeking its lowest point and taking out our banks and land ~300 cubic feet of sediment at a time. 

  1. County Response:
  • Shana Stephens, Urban Resource Conservationist
  • "We are not delegated to do the Ch. 105 program (waterways and wetlands) so you will have to contact the DEP regional office directly (484-250-5171). As for the active construction sites only one of the those mentioned in your email is in our office, the Mack Oil site and does have an active National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit so is in compliance with the Ch. 102 program (erosion control and stormwater management). Any projects under one acre would be approved through your Township."

           2. Township Response: (Mr. Curley has been super helpful)

  • Donald Curley, Director of Public Works
  • Phone: 610-687-3000 #114
  •   "...the Township engineer is investigating the permitting requirements associated with an intervention to stabilize the wall that presumably stabilizes the road.  I will let you know what he determines when he tells me. also, I issued a purchase order to remove a dead tree that is growing out of the wall. The tree in and of itself is harmless and the roots stabilize the embankment.  But, if it fell it would presumably take a portion of the wall with it so it is best to remove it. "
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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
Support now