Protect Mothers Rights During ChildBirth! #MothersVoice

I’m very glad that Kristina is raising her voice and fighting for herself and other women! After having a really awful child birth experience myself I wasn’t confident that anyone would listen to my story and actually do something and therefore I just tried to live with it and overcome my pain and problems. My doctor did not care about me or about my prematurely born child. She was absolutely mad to be called in the middle of the night for the delivery and she just left me in the room struggling by myself and at the end, after she was called by nurses because I was delivering my doctor finally woke up and came. She yelled at me to push faster and harder and when my baby came out my doctor threw the baby into me. I’m glad that I managed to catch my daughter and nothing happened to her. This is my terrible experience.

Regina Lott, Antelope, CA, United States
3 years ago
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