Stop The Government Turning Law Abiding Citizens Into Terrorists

Stop The Government Turning Law Abiding Citizens Into Terrorists

31 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aaron Livingston

The Counter Terrorism Bill will amend the already in place legislation.

Mentioned within section 5:

6 Section 5 amended (Terrorist act defined)
(1)In section 5(2), replace “the purpose of” with “1 or more purposes that are or include”.
(2)In section 5(2)(a), replace “terror in a civilian population” with “fear in a population”.
(3)In section 5(2)(b), replace “unduly compel” with “coerce”.
(4)In section 5(3)(d), replace “an infrastructure facility” with “critical infrastructure”.
(5)In section 5(3)(e), replace “devastate” with “cause major damage to”.

This would mean that parts of the Bill of Rights 1990 will be breached, as fear in a population could be interpreted by anything hte Polce or Crown deem to be ''fearful''

46 New section 8A inserted (Meaning of terrorism-related New Zealand offence)
 After section 8, insert:

8 AMeaning of terrorism-related New Zealand offence

A terrorism-related New Zealand offence means an offence that is—

an offence against the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 (even if that offence was committed wholly, or partly, outside New Zealand, but is prosecuted in New Zealand under any of sections 15 to 18 of that Act and sections 7, 8, and 8A of the Crimes Act 1961); or
an offence—

against section 124(1), 127(4), 129(3), or 131A(1) of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993, or section 390 of the Customs and Excise Act 2018; and
that involves a publication that is objectionable (as those terms are defined in sections 2 and 3 of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993) for reasons that are or include the extent and degree to which, and the manner in which, the publication (as provided in section 3(3)(d) of that Act) promotes or encourages acts of terrorism.

This bill incorporates the widely talked about Hate Speech law which at the behest of the Christchurch Mosque shooting, became the agenda of those whom want to create a framework of Hate Speech laws. Violating the ''Bill of Rights 1990 Act''.

Not only will this target the so called Rightwing, it will create an overall basis to end all speech deemed to be offensive to someone, somewhere, by anyone of any Political persuasion. (This is not a right or left issue, it is a freedom issue)

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Signatures: 14Next goal: 25
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