Replace Robert E. Aylor Middle School

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Shawnee district of Stephens City is desperately in need of a new middle school. Robert E. Aylor Middle school, as a building, has outlived its useful life span due to lack of maintenance and renovation. Our board of supervisors thinks that it is more fiscally responsible to continue to spend money on repairs and CO2 sensors, that disrupt classroom concentration, than it is to just replace the building. They shudder at the replacement cost increase since 2007, when the last study was done. By the way, how much money was wasted on that study eleven years ago? Steel prices are increasing almost daily, while they sit there and contemplate the current cost. Our children are getting ill from this sick building on a daily basis. My child has missed more than 10 days of so far this year from headaches, dizziness, sleep disorder and nausea, and she is only in sixth grade on the "healthy" side of the building. There are numerous other children who have missed more days or have been taken out of this school all together due to the disrepair. All you have to do is walk five feet into the building and you can smell the mold/mildew in the building. Not to mention dead rodents in the gymnasium and structural cracks in the load bearing walls. Please ask the Frederick County board of supervisors which is more important to them our children's health or the cost of a much needed new building that will last for many decades to come. We as tax payers bear the cost of the current building and now have to bear medical costs as well. The county continues to approve bonds and funding for new schools in the northern part of the county while the southern part gets completely neglected. Our county is growing at more than a 2% rate, we will need a new school to accommodate new students eventually. We need to plan ahead, not look backwards at what should have been done eleven years ago.