Reduce Tuition Cost in Response to COVID-19

Reduce Tuition Cost in Response to COVID-19

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Krieger School's Programs Students

Why this petition matters

Dear classmates,

As you all know, the Krieger School has increased tuition rates by 5%, costing students an additional $225 per course. The Program is also continuing to charge an additional $200 for each online class, even though students do not have an option to take in-person courses.

We as students need to stand up and demand that the university not only suspend their decision to raise tuition, but lower tuition costs by 20% and eliminate the additional $200 fee for online courses during the summer and fall semester or until the Program can re-establish its regular activities and offer a choice between online and on-campus courses. These two measures are making it increasingly more difficult to afford tuition, creating an obstacle to finishing our studies successfully.
We understand the University is going through financial hardships in order to cover the consequences stemming from COVID-19, however this should not come at the expense of the students, especially since we are the ones that are affected the most. As graduate students, it will be even harder to find employment following graduation due to the imminent recession.

Signing this petition gives us all the chance to speak up for ourselves and demand changes that we believe are fair during these unprecedented times. In a time when people are helping each other in the spirit of solidarity, we propose a meeting with Johns Hopkins University staff to discuss these measures. We strongly believe that together we could reach a reasonable agreement to support each other and overcome this crisis.


Colin Cook, Nicole McAllister, Naiju Thomas, Priscila Vera Jibaja

- Krieger School Students at Johns Hopkins University-


1,417 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!