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Bring back Planters Cheez Balls and P.B. Crisps!

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This petition has been created to support the simple task of urging Kraft Foods to bring back P.B. Crisps and Cheez Balls as part of a Planters nostalgia/throwback marketing campaign (mostly in order to serve our own selfish snacking desires).

Throwback Thursday (#tbt) is super trendy on social media sites right now so it'd be a great business decision for Kraft anyways. It's a win-win. And yeah, it also happens to be my major selling point besides the fact that a lot of people desperately miss these products.

Other brands of cheese balls pale in comparison and no one has ever tasted anything quite like a P.B. crisp so, unfortunately, there has been a deep void in the lives of countless peanut butter and quality cheese ball lovers since the mid-90s.

Yes, there are plenty of online petitions that you should definitely look into in order to support important issues that you're interested in because public opinion really does make a difference in terms of both national and global issues, and I hope you check out some of these sites and find something you’re interested in advocating (,,,, but let's just take a look at this possible opportunity here. 

Food is a wholly and completely unbiased, nonpartisan, and terribly vital component of what it means to be human. I have faith in humanity, but if we can't even agree on scrumptious snacks, then I don't know what we can agree on.

Let's get Kraft Foods to bring back these wrongly discontinued and super tasty Planters products!

Who’s with me?

Get your Mr. Peanut suits ready, Planters. Your big comeback is on its way.

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