KPOP: Blocking kpopknight & apologize to artists

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Hello, after a horrible and unprofessionnal kpopknight concert, I decided to create this petition. Because:

1. They lied on everything

2. I paid 170£ for this bully shit event 

3. They attacked Monsta X morally, said they are snob, You leaked Monsta X's hotel info

4. They called them 'snobs' for not attending a press conference they didn't even know about

5. overpriced tickets and gave them for free at the end (pathetic) (max price was 400£)

6. Monsta X's van hit a pole bc of your driver?!! Start apologizing! #MONSTAXDESERVEBETTER



Kpopnight organisers,

Your event promotion is AMATEURISH!
Your overpriced / free tickets are UNFAIR!
Your cheap publicity stunt is UNACCEPTABLE!
Your bus driver is HORRIBLE!


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