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Stop the dating ban for all idols!

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For years the Asain music industry has made it hard for idols to live a normal life and date. Some companies have a "dating ban" that makes it impossible for idols to have romantic relationships. Idols are normal people like the rest of us. Idols cry, hurt, and want to experience a loving relationship with significant others just like you and I. A recent controversy of the idol "dating ban" has made headline news across the world. Minami Minegishi a member of the Jpop idol group AKB48 has released a disturbing video of herself crying and begging for fans forgiveness for having a male companion when she is not allowed to because of the "dating ban". In the video Minami is seen with a shaved head showing her remorse for violating the ban. This has caused quite a stir across the world with people asking why she had to apologize and why are companies and fans so hard on idols who want to also live normally. In the West singers date all the time and a lot of the time it is seen as helpful to their careers and not a "big deal" . Please sign in support of this petition to let your voice be heard and let companies plus idols know that fans do support idols living normally and dating.

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