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Be a guest performer at Toronto POPKON 2013

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Canada has a growing KPOP fan base that is demanding more appearances on Canadian soil from their favourite KPOP stars.

In an ever-growing melting pot of a global community, cultural borders are
disappearing and the first element to step across is music. Music has long been
called the universal language and never has that been more true than today.

POPKON is a manifestation of the cultural phenomenon that is KPOP. The
traditional cultural and language barriers are becoming less of an obstacle to overcome andmore of a trend to follow, as demonstrated by the incredible wave of popularity KPOP has been garnering over the recent past.

Pop culture has always existed in its different formsin their respective cultures. People have enjoyed their respective cultures,learned about other cultures, and even took a specialty interest in other popcultures. For the first time, we are beginning to see a boom of KPOP popularityaround the world and an unprecedented crossing-over; this new wave is whatPOPKON represents.

International stars such as Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Super Junior, TVXQ (DBSK), B2ST, Wonder Girls, Rain, Big Bang, 2NE1, etc. have taken KPOP across borders and most recently, PSY has taken the world by storm with his hit single “Gangnam Style”.  The explosion of fans that Gangnam Style has gathered around the world outside Korea and Korean diasporas is a testament to the fact that music is not simply overcoming cultural and language barriers through music and dance, but in fact uniting people from all corners of the world on the common ground of their passion for KPOP.  Flashmobs are regularly popping up everywhere from Malaysia to France to Indonesia to Italy, cover groups are uploading YouTube videos of themselves performing their favorite songs everywhere from Egypt to Poland to Canada.  Fans gather to concerts from the US to Europe to the Middle East.

With over 6 million likes and 1.1 billion views on YouTube, Gangnam Style has shattered records and is a prime example of the power KPOP has to unite people regardless of race, culture, language, gender, or location.  POPKON 2012 was the beginning of an annual cultural event with the goal of creating a gathering where anybody and everybody could unite in a movement that dissolves boundaries and breaks barriers.  POPKON 2013 will be a continuation of this movement as a shining example of how the dream of global unity through music is becoming a reality.

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