Kurangkan taraf SPM 2021/22


Kurangkan taraf SPM 2021/22

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Started by Lord Shan

I don't know what KPM thinks about SPM students(batch 04). Do KPM thinks we are superhuman or robots. Sorry, I'm a bit harsh but we need time to recover back our studies after 2 years of so-called PDPR. We didn't ask KPM to change the date of the SPM exam instead of that, please reduce the marking graph(taraf) of the examination. 

We, students, facing a lot of problems in the family and some more these SPM after 2 years of PDPR. It's very stressful and depressing for a just 17/18 years old student to handle and students suicide case is increasing in Malaysia. This is a very serious issue and our life is not a joke!

You can see the results of the SPM trials, how many students scored well? KPM please answer this, why SPM trial results are so bad? Please don't blame the students. Everyone knows that we did trials right after the long PDPR. 

KPM! Students life matter too. Please don't kill us. Just think about it from the students perspective. Please think about our mental health. It's very DEPRESSING. Please reduce the marking graph of the SPM examination.

*For Parents*

Please don't stress us, we are trying our best to score in the exam and please forget about the SPM trials result. It's very stressful and depressing already. Please understand and support your child mentally rather than scolding them for their low marks. Please time has been changed and our syllabus is not like your old 1950 syllabus. So, please understand us and support us through this. 

Sorry if I'm very rude or hard but it hurts.

#Studentlivesmatter!                                  #Studentmentalhealthmatter!

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This petition made change with 1,572 supporters!

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