KOVAI instead of Koyampuththoor

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Coimbatore has been recently renamed Koyampuththoor. 

While Koyampuththoor is the original Tamil name of Coimbatore, it has a few drawbacks:

1.  It is very long.

2.  The spelling is difficult to remember.

3.  When filling up official forms, etc it will become difficult and time consuming.  And we have to fill up a lot of forms in our lifetime.

KOVAI is a beautiful, short & sweet Tamil name. it has many advantages:

1.  It is easy to say and easy to remember.

2.  Spelling is easy.

3.  It is fantastic for brand building.  Going forward, we have to compete as a city to attract investments, tourists, sell our products & services, etc.  And we need a popular and catchy name.  KOVAI is ideal.

4.  We have already been using KOVAI for many years now.

5.  A lot of people recognise the name easily and it is popular.

Therefore, it is our humble request to the Honourable  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and other esteemed members of the Government to help KOVAI become the official name.