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Please create 1/7 scale figures of the egypt Yu-Gi-Oh! characters

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Dear Kotobukiya!
There are hundred thousands of fans of your wonderful figures and creations all over the world, and I'd like to say "Thank you!" for your hard work.

Your latest creations, the Yu-Gi-Oh! figures, are very popular and some are already sold out. As 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the famous anime/manga about Yugi & Co., we'd like to place a special wish:

Please create 1/7 scale figures of Pharaoh Atemu and the Egypt characters.

 As you know, the one coin Egypt figures are sold out but still many people wish for them. The Egypt part played a big role in the universe of Duel Monsters and it has got many fans.

Please consider making more of your great Yu-Gi-Oh!-Figures.

Egypt arc characters: Pharaoh Atemu, Seto, Mahado, Isis, Shada, Karim, Mana, Kisara, Thief King Bakura,...

Important characters who also shouldn't be forgotten: Yugi Muto, Kujaku Mai, Ishizu Ishtar,  Mazaki Anzu, Kaiba Mokuba,...

We are looking forward to seeing more of your great work!

Thank you.

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