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Kornet Al Sawda : Saving the highest mountain peak in the Middle East

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Green Lebanon, we used to say.  Why are we using the past tense ? Lebanon's nature is mesmerising: heaven on earth some would say. 


Is it still home though ? 

Helplessness and despair of Lebanese communities is making us lose our beautiful country one day at a time. However, we don't have to. We should fight against our learned helplessness. We can change our destiny, we can change the capitalism and corruption that are making us lose our country, our home.

What we need, is for us to stick together as communities. Let's share our resources and make a change. 


A 500 million dollar project was put in place by Realis Development (owned by the Ghanem family) to build a luxury resort at Kornet Al Sawda ("the black peak"), the highest mountain peak of the Middle East .(reference: http://www.businessnews.com.lb/cms/Story/StoryDetails.aspx?ItemID=5859 )

The greed of our own citizens, is slowly throwing our nature away.

Maybe someday, the cedar on our flag will become nothing but an old memory of where we came from.

But for now, we will not let this happen.

Together, let's stop this project.

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