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Every year thousands of dogs are brutalized and killed in South Korea for meat. They blame it on tradition and justify their evil deeds by pointing their fingers towards the americans who eat turkey and chickens. Inhumane methods are practiced to kill those dogs in barbaric fashion. Most of those dogs suffer for hours until they die. Few of such methods are burning them alive, skinning them alive, clubbing them and hanging them to death. There is a belief among many of us that there is a thing called hell afterlife, but for these poor animals, they go through hell right from the minute they are born. The ridiculous and the disgusting belief which exists among the locals is that, the more the animal is tortured the better it tastes. This is the major reason why the butchers use violent methods to kill the dogs in the most inhumane fashion. Many dogs who go through this atrocious fate are pets of houses. They are stolen every year by groups of thugs and delivered to the butchers in slaughterhouses. This practice has to end and it has to end quickly. Dogs are not food. They are family members as they are loving and faithful. No dog deserves to go through the fate that millions of dogs go through every year. We do not possess the right to take away any life form away from earth. Inflicting pain on any animal is a sin and this has to stop once and for all. Lets stand together and get the Boknal festival out of existence for good. 

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/mpjZ8dWUuj0

Daegu - South Korean Dog Meat Industry 대구 개농장 도살장

Filmed Undercover by Human Action Alliance (HAA) investigator http://stopitkorea.org/ in South Korea during the year and a half long investigation into the South Korean Dog Meat Industry to expose the shocking reality of the $2 billion a year industry that torments and extinguishes the lives of millions of dogs every year. Cruelty is being committed in every process of dog meat industry from breeding all the way to sale. HAA will not ignore the cries of animals dying in agony. We will restore the society's distorted view about dogs and human. HAA is a coalition of organizations and people who support STOP IT! Campaign. Petition made by Stephan Henderson in cooperation with Animal Welfare Worldwide https://www.facebook.com/AnimalWelfareWorldwide/