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Put a stop to Korea's "black face" racist trend

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If you live in Korea, you probably are already familiar with the "black face" trend. In 2012, MBC did a black face "comedy" sketch they later apologized for under pressure. They blamed it on foreigners not knowing the "context" of the Korean cartoon they were parodying and claimed Koreans understood, even though many Koreans called them out on it. In 2013, G Dragon, inarguably one of Korea's biggest Kpop star landed himself in trouble locally and internationally for spotting a black face. His record company tried explaining their way out of it by claiming he was trying on a variety of face paints( he wasn't) and that the whole thing was a "huge misunderstanding". In 2014, KBS aired an unfunny racist "gag" with black faces that was again criticized locally and internationally.  On the 4th of March, Mamamoo, a Kpop group, put out a statement apologizing to the black community saying they were "heartbroken" for hurting their fans in the black community. Yesterday, SBS made another unfunny racist black face sketch and even added the Lion King soundtrack just in case the racism was too subtle. Right now, as at the time of this writing, there are currently thousands (yes thousands) of posts on Instagram with the Korean word for the N word (yes really) as hashtags for black faces, and other black face hashtags like "African". The media is playing a big role in trends like these. 

It is fair to say Korea has a "black face" problem and we need to put a stop to it! We need MBC, G Dragon, SBS, KBS, Mamamoo and all others to quit apologizing and realise the "oh, we didn't know that was racist" excuse for blatant racism isn't working in 2017. Unfunny "gags" like these needs to stop. Korea is better than this. 

Please sign and share this petition among your friends and colleagues. We will be sending a copy to the media companies mentioned. 

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