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Justice for JYJ and fine for whoever is responsible for hindering its activities.

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During the preparations of 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the event's official ambassadors South Korean group JYJ were suddenly not included in the lineup of celebrities performing at the main stage, but rather mentioned to be doing a “congratulatory performance” before the actual opening ceremony.

Artist from SM Entertainment, the agency wich JYJ members belonged before; had suddenly appeared in the press conference and in such ceremonies as well as promotional activities and JYJ has been excluded competely from Incheon Asian Games, even when they had fulfilled they task as Honorary Ambassadors for more than a year. It is important to mention that SM Entertainment is now an sponsor of the Incheon Paralimpic Games.

Korea Fair Trade Commission already issued, on July 24th 2013, a sanction against SM Entertainment and KFPCAI for interfering with JYJ’s activities. And FTC commented, "SM, one of the big 3 agencies, and KFPCAI, which is composed of various organizations involved in the entertainment industry, applied incredible pressure on companies and as a result, JYJ experienced cancellations of music and variety programs, change in music ranking, and cancellations of documentaries and theater screenings."

What we are asking is only Justice and Respect for artists that put all themselves, with passion and dedication, into their job. And a similar treatment is just unfair and wrong; using power and money to intimidate or to buy an agreement.

SM Entertainment as well as Incheon Asian Games Organization Commitee had tarnished de image of South Korea and fairness of the games.

We are asking to the Korea Fair Trade Commission to act in conformity to what is right and to put a stop to SMe unfair actions.

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