"JUSTICE for Reverend Okjoo Shin”, who was deprived of her human rights!

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JUSTICE for Reverend Okjoo Shin! Allow South Korean citizen Okjoo Shin to have a lawful retrial in which ALL evidence may be submitted in court. Sign for justice! Sign for a better justice system in Korea!

Reverend Okjoo Shin was arrested without warrant in Incheon Airport on 24 July 2018. She was sentenced to 6 years at her first court hearing on 29 July 2019 and later sentenced to 7 years at her appellate court hearing on 5 November 2019. Her final appeal was dismissed on 27 February 2020. This case involved exaggerated perjury of 11 plaintiffs adding lies to a planned investigation executed with a specific agenda for the previous 11 months. The police and the media formed a close relationship in this case to frame Reverend Okjoo Shin with charges of assault, special assault, bodily harm, aggravated confinement, special confinement, fraud, violation of commercial law, violation of child welfare law (neglect, abuse) and abetment. This is a clear act of religious repression and a breach of her human rights by abusing public power.

- Who are those who claim to be victims?

The plaintiffs, composed of former pastors, evangelists, ordained deacons, and exhorters who came to Grace Road Church on their own, were fervent followers who attended Grace Road Church for several years. They had also brought their family members to join the church and then moved all together to Fiji of their own will. In Fiji, everyone of the plaintiffs were engaged in managing positions as team leaders of Grace Road Group’s agriculture, architecture, and purchasing departments, where they played substantial and pivotal roles. However, when they were dismissed of their status by acting against the objectives of the community (acting only on the interests and needs of the individual instead of the collective whole), they returned back to Korea holding a grudge over this. Thus they started to revile Grace Road Church and Grace Road Group by making up all kinds of lies to accuse Reverend Okjoo Shin. They are falsely claiming that the biblical threshing floor which they also voluntarily participated in is bodily harm and special assault. They came to Fiji in a 10-hour flight at their own expense, yet are now claiming that their move is aggravated confinement and special confinement. They are also claiming that their offering made to the church is fraud and a violation of commercial law. Furthermore, they are accusing Reverend Okjoo Shin and Grace Road Church of violation of child welfare law, which was actually a voluntary school absence officially requested by parents to hear the word of God together with their children. These accusers are shameless liars, traitors and apostates.

- The Korean Police and their failure to uphold the principle of presumption of innocence, their abuse of power and breach of human rights

With the exaggerated, false statements of those who claim to be victims as mentioned above, the 11 months of planned investigation was spearheaded by Investigator H***. The prosecution arrested Reverend Okjoo Shin on 24 July 2018 at the terminal of Incheon International Airport without warranty; they imprisoned her as they would a serious felon, when concerns of her fleeing or destroying evidence were completely unwarranted.

The police filmed the moment of arrest without any authority or consent by using Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) media agency to shape the public opinion. The indictment that they wrote was merely a fictional story fabricated with the use of words in the Bible such as “the end,” “eternal life,” “threshing,” and “pleasant land.” They forbade her from even mentioning the Bible. As soon as they arrested her (at 6 p.m. of 24 July 2018), they took her photo and threatened her in their car. The investigator threatened her to stay quiet while the investigator himself used her cellphone to directly send a text message to Grace Road Church members telling them to stay still. They also denied her from seeing anyone, and immediately put her through coercive questioning at a police agency until 2 a.m. of the next day (25 July). Not only was the principle of presumption of innocence not kept from the very beginning, Reverend Shin's human rights were violated with threats, such as threatening to summon about 70 Grace Road Church members in Fiji to return back to Korea for questioning.

- The inquisition of the police joined with the media to shape public opinion

The Religious Police illegally leaked the seized evidence to the media, and the producer of the TV Show SBS “Unanswered Questions” used it to describe Reverend Shin as a cult leader, including such far-fetched descriptions such as end time apocalypse, group violence, coercive governance, unpaid heavy labor, labor exploitation, violation of child welfare laws (neglect, abuse) and abetment. The maliciously edited compilation has had a profound effect on public opinion and has greatly influenced the biased and unlawful decisions of the Korean court system.

Even before the first trial (29 July 2019), the SBS press was used to shape the public opinion with malicious, biased and deliberate editing of three different broadcasts: the first broadcast was aired 25 August 2018, the second was aired 20 October 2018 and with the appeals pending the third broadcast was aired 21 September 2019, creating a very vicious public opinion. This proves that the prosecution and the media have been in a relationship from the beginning, and clearly demonstrates that the principle of presumption of innocence has been completely neglected, the Broadcasting and Communications Act has been violated and that the infringement of portrait rights, defamation, and overall human rights has been seriously breeched in the Republic of Korea.

- The fundamental reason for the turn of these events 

The fundamental reason for the turn of these events is because Reverend Okjoo Shin interpreted the Bible with the Bible and shed light on the lies different from the Bible that were committed in the church for 2,000 years after the First Coming of Jesus. She did this so that the self-proclaimed pastors would no longer be able to practise lawlessness on the church pulpit. The self-proclaimed Christians, self-proclaimed pastors, and self-proclaimed general assembly who frequently dispute over who is a cult as their means of livelihood planned to frame Reverend Shin as a cult, because they feared they might lose their congregation. The Christian organisations and overseas mission groups who do not know a single verse of the Bible framed Reverend Shin as a cult as is their practice in their turf wars

-Lawless judiciary trial obliterates evidence

We have been deprived of the basic core principles: liberty, equality and justice.During the course of all three trials, justice was nowhere to be found. Each of the trials, from the first trial to the second trial and to the Supreme Court, relied solely on the false statements based on the side of the 11 plaintiffs. The clear video evidence, the statements of witnesses, and the thousands of petitions filed by the defendant and the members of Grace Road Church (including 600 members from the children to the elderly, with 400 members in Fiji and 200 members in Korea) were completely ignored. If a trial that should be conducted on the basis of evidence can be accepted and excluded at their own discretion, we cannot help but lament how corrupt the Korean judiciary system is. Instead of a fair trial, which is the right to be held as citizens of the Republic of Korea, the only evidence that was accepted was the evidence that met their purpose. The process of illegally imprisoning Reverend Okjoo Shin was thereby taken. This is vicious mistreatment of power at the highest levels for their own personal agenda.

After a six-year sentence in the first trial, the appeals court reached an agreement with those who claim to be victims, and despite filing a petition, the second trial sentenced her to seven years in prison and was even dismissed by the Supreme Court.

During the second trial the judge stated, "I do not know the law of God; I will adjudicate in a general manner by following the opinion influenced by the media."

The South Korean Court of Justice, which imposed a heavy penalty of seven years to Reverend Okjoo Shin without any basis of true facts and evidence, only based their ruling on the false exaggeration of public opinion through the media. This clearly shows that they held a lawless trial that obliterated four basic rights: 1) the right of all citizens to be treated equally before the law, 2) freedom of religion 3) freedom of the body 4) freedom of residence and the right to freedom to move at will.

- Nothing in this world happens by coincidence. All of life's problems and answers are in the Bible.

God Himself is using the whole world to defend the wrongfully imprisoned Reverend Okjoo Shin who speaks the Truth on His behalf.

On 8 January 2020, Iran declared that it took vengeance by "slapping the U.S. on the face." Let all who charged the biblical threshing floor as an 'assault' see! After firing missiles at a U.S. base in Iraq on 8 January 2020, Iran's supreme leader said that they had 'slapped the U.S. on the face.' God is using Iran and the U.S. to defend the threshing floor that Reverend Shin fulfilled for all the world to see.

Second, the nurses in Wuhan, China shaved their hair to stop the spread of the Coronavirus infection amongst the hospital patients. They received praise and warm support around the world. Yet, when we of Grace Road Church publicly confessed even our deepest sins that only we knew and cut our hair out of repentance before God, it was the pastors and Christians who ridiculed us as a 'repentance sect.'

Third, Grace Road Church students did not attend school for a few days to receive the Word of God during church seminars. The investigator, prosecutor and judges of South Korea ruled it as violation of child welfare laws (abuse, neglect) and abetment. However, the Korean Court of Justice deemed school absence due to COVID-19 as legal. Is it right to judge school absence to receive the Word of God as illegal? The Korean Court of Justice, the investigator and the prosecutors charged what the parents and children decided for themselves to go to church and receive the word of God together as violation of child welfare laws.

Fourth, Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, each nation has been sending chartered planes to bring their own citizens who are abroad back to their homeland. Likewise, God planned to save His children, His people, from the plagues that He will bring down to earth on His appointed day of judgment. So He gave the command to move on the airplane [Ezk. 12:14], to the homeland that God had prepared before the ages, the land that He had promised our forefather Abraham. Grace Road Church followed the word of God, but those who claim to be victims ridiculed our action as “mass migration,” and framed it as confinement and aggravated confinement even to the absurd extent of defining the whole Islands of Fiji as a place of confinement. We of Grace Road Church have voluntarily moved to Fiji, and we have chosen to stay here of our own accord. What is against the law, and what is confinement?

Lastly, many governments forcibly quarantined and confined people for 14 days for danger of COVID-19 infection. They exercised their power without any repercussions. South Korea has freedom of residence, the right to move at will, and freedom of religion.  Korean citizens moved to Fiji and formed a community as written in the Bible, of their own volition. How can the courts and the police make the unjust ruling of calling this confinement and confine Reverend Shin? If this is not religious repression, then what is?


We, the 200 church members in Korea and 400 church members who moved to Fiji, respect and love our Reverend with all of our hearts. Reverend Okjoo Shin is our dear mother of all Grace Road Group members. Words cannot tell the pain that children feel for not being able to see their dear mother, knowing that she is imprisoned. We all tried to the best of our abilities for the past 2 years to prove our reverend's innocence and to prove the truth, but all of our voices were ignored because we are being framed as a cult. Now we file a public petition on change.org to restore justice to the breach of human rights and religious repression exacted against Reverend Shin and Grace Road Group. We only ask for a fair retrial based on the complete truth and accurate evidence. We of Grace Road Church will fight to the end until Reverend Okjoo Shin's innocence is proven, and until she is ethically acquitted and released. The South Korean court system has clearly betrayed three core principles: liberty, equality and justice. We urge for their prompt return to these core principles.


Get involved in the petition for a fair retrial for Grace Road Church Reverend Okjoo Shin, and spread the word to everyone through social media!

Sign this petition, and write to your government representatives, and let them know about the misuse of power and the injustice of the Korean legal system and the police! Write a letter to the media too!

Together we can fight against the corrupt Korean legal system and the police to ensure that Reverend Shin and all Christians around the world will no longer be persecuted for seeing, hearing, believing and acting by the Bible.

God oversees the whole world. Everyone enjoys the air, water, the sun, nature, and all that God has created for free, yet Christians are being persecuted for believing and acting by the law of God written in the Bible even in the 21st century. We should all be indignant of this, and we should fight against the injustice.

Whatever your religious belief may be, this is a clear injustice to humanity, deprivation of freedom of religion, and a grave violation of human rights.

We urge everyone who believes in Honesty, Justice and Truth to participate in this petition for a fair lawful retrial of Reverend Okjoo Shin.