"JUSTICE for Reverend Okjoo Shin”, who was deprived of her human rights!

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Have You Ever Been Victimized By Any False Reports of the Media?

If your answer is YES, then lets step up together for JUSTICE, HONESTY and the TRUTH! The distorted lies of the media causing innocent people to be imprisoned MUST be exposed and stopped immediately. Do not be carried away by what the media portrays, but DISCERN FOR YOURSELF what the Truth really is.


Read more about the true story(with pictures) of how Reverend Okjoo Shin and we, members of Grace Road Church, have become the target of inquisition by the police, who joined with the media, to shape public opinion. This is a clear act of religious repression and a breach of our human rights! The abuse of public power MUST be put to an end! All of this is occurring right before our eyes in the 21st century!! This is CLEAR Injustice to humanity!! Sign for a FAIR and LAWFUL retrial!

Anyone who believes in JUSTICE, HONESTY and TRUTH, sign for JUSTICE and step up against the distorted lies of the media and the corrupt court system that has deprived us of even the most basic of human rights!
Every signature counts and together we can make a change!

Korean Presidential Petition ends 29 May 2020!! 


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4 months ago