@dicon_korea please provide the 10 special photos of JHOPE that you promised in May 2018

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The 2018 DiCon publication, which was heavily preordered by fans (BTS ARMY), excluded individual images /photographs of Jung Hoseok (J HOPE) in the 2017 BBMAs section of the book and from the DNA MV behind the scenes.

The 2017 BBMAs were an enormous achievement in that BTS won the Social Artist award, a first for Korean group. The DNA music video has over 348 million views and is the most viewed Kpop music video on YouTube. The DiCon book is considered a vehicle to preserve and cherish these historic moments, therefore the images should include all seven members equally and document these important milestones in the history of BTS.

When ARMY noticed this oversight, and asked why one member was excluded in key areas of the content, the publication responded that they did not have any ‘quality’ photos of JHOPE. The response to concerned fans was flippant and disrespectful to JHOPE, BTS and the fandom. Rather than understanding that leaving a member out is unwarranted, unexpected and absolutely unacceptable, their reaction has reflected that while they clearly benefit from BTS media collaboration & publicity, they have limited  concern for the fans, who loudly remind them are the ones who purchase their materials, read their stories, like and circulate their content. You cannot ask fans to “please understand” that you unintentionally but yet quite intentionally  excluded content.


Please apologise first to Jung Hoseok, who should have had equitable content.  Please then apologize to BTS as a whole, because they are truly one. No one is to be left out. Next please then acknowledge the ARMY who purchased this book,with the trust that Dispatch Korea would equitably distribute the images amongst the seven members, because you did not work hard enough to provide a complete publication. Lastly, we ask that you apologize to all ARMY, who value your content and were exceptionally disappointed by your actions and response.

We ask that you please recognise how enormous of a slight this action was, and provide assurance that henceforth Dispatch will work harder to provide the high quality and complete content that we have previously respected and expected of them.

We ask that you consider our feedback and requests from your customers’ point of view. Please put yourselves in our situation. Empathize with and understand your customers’ expectations. Your interpretation of high quality is obviously not the same as ours. High quality means equitable images of ALL members, no excuses.

In addition we ask that this equitable treatment not be limited to BTS, but to any multi-member group. Please treat each member of each group with same respect and equitable content. This will add value to your product, and work to regain trust of your customers- the fans.

As recompense, please consider offering a partial refund or discount on future content to fans who purchased the DiCon book, as a means to show your willingness to acknowledge that the book is incomplete without equitable treatment of all members and to restore good faith in your products.

Thank you.

update 2018.06.16 

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#DiconWhereIsHoseok hashtag trend started 

Request for when special photos will be released sent to Dicon.

Petition updated and re- released pending response from Dicon.

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