KooWeeRup & District M.C feel Cardinia council is putting Corporate over Community

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We are opposing the sale: of land at 335 Mc Gregor Road, Pakenham, to Podium 1 Pty Ltd.
KWRMCC is a grass roots motorcycling club. This is where it all starts, a place for children and adults alike to ride, at minimal cost..
- A place to learn to ride in a safe and supervised environment
- Help develop a sense of purpose, community, build confidence & self esteem
- Learn respect for self & others, develop life skills and knowledge that will stay with them forever and a place for family to share and have fun
Along with the Pakenham Auto Club we have spent hundreds of man-hours lobbying state government and were successful in having this land rezoned for motorsport.
We now feel council is passing all our hard work over to a Corporate entity to develop.
In essence we feel council is putting Corporate over Community.
Having no objection to a ‘world class motor facility’ for Pakenham, we simply ask that council not push the task of lobbying State Government for ‘the another parcel land’ (of which we have no details) to be rezoned for motorsport onto our club again.
It could be offered instead to the corporate entity, Podium 1 Pty Ltd, to do so?
We have been operating on the land at McGregor road for some 10 years now without the ability to develop it further due to significant restrictions placed upon us by council. We would look forward to having the opportunity to develop McGregor road for our grass roots community.