Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Festival - For EVERY REGION!

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Hi Fellow Duelists, I like to start a petition to gain awareness for the Yu-Gi-Oh [OCG] Duel Links Community outside of Japan and Asia. So that we have also the possibility to enjoy a regional Duelist-Festival like the fans in Japan did in 2017. Also I have realized, that there are awesome high engagement events planned for the tradingcard platform of Yu-Gi-Oh, while the brand experience of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links in real life events has been very low to non existent. I just want to bring all the players together and give them a possiblity to meet at a great Yu-Gi-Oh event for everyone! This is a pledge @Konami to bring the community together by platforms they already own, but don't use for other Regions. After all the mobile game community is the fastest growing one inside and outside of Japan!