Get Konami to stop changing the names of cards and archetypes to things that are silly.

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Every now-and-then Konami decides to change the names of certain archetypes for the TCG in a way which seems like they're trying to make them humorous or "Punny". They changed "Zodiac Beasts" to "Zoodiacs" which upset a lot of people, but that's not nearly as bad as what they're choosing to do with the next new archetype coming in the Dark Savers pack. The archetype known as "Skyfang Brigade" for the OCG, which is an animal/pirate themed archetype is being renamed "Fur Hire" for TCG. This name change really takes away from the mood of the archetype.  Many people that had been looking forward to playing this deck have pretty much sworn off playing it due to it's name change! Konami needs to realize that sometimes something as simple as a name can change the mood and playability of a deck.

Please sign this petition and let Konami know that sometimes a "Punny" name can ruin things for it's player base and that they should put more research into their naming choices before they make changes.