Request to have our Konami data migrated to another game/platform

Request to have our Konami data migrated to another game/platform

1 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by JG Mejia

For almost 6 years, Konami offered a digital version of their Yu-Gi-Oh card game called "Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation" in the format of a free to download mobile app available in 6 different languages, with micro-transactions available (in order to get premium collectable cards and avatars).

During this time, many users around the globe engaged in the game, particularly its online feature, which allowed players to have real time duels with each other. This feature encouraged the purchase of the collectable cards via micro-transactions.

The game quickly attracted a large fanbase and became the favourite of many, which trusted Konami in order to keep their purchased digital assets safe and available within the game.

It has recently been announced that the game is going to be discontinued (won't be available to be downloaded from any app store) and that it's main and more appealing feature, the online duels, will be shut down after September this year.

Our request is simple, we demand to have the digital content we purchased to be migrated to another Konami game/platform that supports at least a similar gameplay (NOT DUEL LINKS, which has a completely different gameplay, honestly considered an inferior watered-down version of the proper game).

This is not a legality issue, but a trust one. We spent our money in digital products from a company like Konami, which we trusted to be faithful to their commitment to give us some quality entertainment in exchange.

There is no doubt that they are legally covered to do as they please with their games, but no company, no matter how big should ever forget that the most important asset is the people that trust in them and buy their products.

The main option considered here is another similar game for different platforms called "Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist". In order for us to be able to keep the worth of our money invested in Konami, we are requesting Konami to facilitate the migration our cards there. It's a win-win situation, Konami would get to keep the trust of the large fanbase from Duel Generation, which would need to buy their other game. More profits for them and no one needs to feel betrayed or left behind (or consider playing unlicensed versions like YGO Pro).

In case Konami has a different approach to solve this, we are more than willing to listen.

We just want to reach a fair agreement and find a solution that works for everyone. We have the right to be heard and respected as consumers.

Respectfully yours,

The Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation Fanbase

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Signatures: 156Next Goal: 200
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