Remake Rocket Knight Adventures for it's 25th anniversary

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25 years ago, Rocket Knight Adventures was one of Konami's popular classics on SEGA Genesis - released in 1993. Sparkster is still fondly remembered by many retro gamers and Konami fans.

Last time we saw our favorite rocket-packed opossum was Rocket Knight released on Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in 2010. Since that, Sparkster hasn't been heard again aside his cameos on other Konami games like Krazy Kart Racing.

Super Bomberman R's success on Nintendo Switch made our nostalgic fanbase happy enough to try revivng an another dead franchise alive so let's try to dust off Spakster's abandoned rocket pack again and fly to hope for victory by hashtaging #RefuelRocketKnight on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any social media you know!