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Release a full uncut English dubbed version of the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters anime.

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For those who are fans of the series and ever plan on re-watching the series, then please read this petition and consider signing it.

 We all know that 4Kids is the one who presented the Yu-Gi-Oh! series in the U.S. and essentially made us all fans. A lot of fans including myself are very grateful for this. But, 4Kids totally forgot that the audience they were initially targeting would grow up eventually. It's not logical to think that none of them would ever consider rewatching the show when they are older. The problem is, people will get an urge to start watching again, but some people won't get the same enjoyment. The edits that 4Kids made weren't as obvious and frustrating to the younger audiences, but to older people it's very frustrating that it has to be watered down so much that minor fights have to be blacked out and guns have to be replaced by pointing fingers. More importantly the plot and setting of the show is edited to such an extent that it makes the show not even seem as if it's based off of a Japanese anime and just makes it look like a generic kids cartoon that is advertising the card game in real life. Many people will find that this may be very disrespectful to the author of the original manga and the producers of the anime considering all of the hard work and effort put into the series. It's not exactly fair considering that the original Japanese version was meant to be shown the way it is. The core fanbase and the vast amount of people who like to watch anime deserve to have more.

It would be fair for people to experience the series in it's original form, including the Japanese dialogue, soundtrack, scenes, and plot. If all of this could be possible, it would be nice to have a DVD for every season, with 2 versions for every episode.. one would include the original Japanese episode with English subtitles, and the other would be an English dubbed version of the episodes that includes the original soundtrack and dialogue from the Japanese release, and also retain the same voice acting cast as the regular 4Kids version, including actors like Dan Green (Yugi Mutou), Wayne Grayson (Joey Wheeler/Katsuya Jonouchi) and Eric Stuart (Seto Kaiba)

It should be known that uncut versions of this series were made previously, but there have only been a total of 3 DVDs that were released, which contain only 9 episodes all together, and no other DVDs have been released since then. This is a big let down, as 9 episodes is only a mere taste of what could actually be experienced with a full uncut release.

As of now, the only way to experience the show in uncut form is to watch it subbed. 4K Media has currently been doing a wonderful job with releasing the subbed versions of episodes on Crunchyroll. Although, for some people, subs don't cut it, and they want to hear the voices in English.

A massive collection such as this surely would be appreciated from the Yu-Gi-Oh! fanbase and anime enthusiasts, as it would cater towards the people that want to truly experience what the show was originally meant to be and understood as, and they would not have to deal with a version that is specifically intended for kids.

It's entirely understandable that a project such as this involves taking risks. This is why this petition is only focusing on the original Duel Monsters series. At least doing the first season in order to test the waters for something like this shouldn't be too much of a risk. People want this, but many lost hope after 11 years and no word towards why the initial uncut dub was cancelled. With the upcoming movie, now would be the perfect time to do re-dub the series and recapture the hearts of the fans!

Please! Consider the petition, and do this for all Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there!

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