Please Unban Elemental Hero Stratos!

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Dear Konami

With the release of the upcoming Jaden Yuki tin launching this Summer, it is with great anticipation that many of us await and hope for the return of one of Jaden's most loved "Elemental Hero" - "Elemental Hero Stratos".

Stratos, whilst being a powerful card in today's metagame will undoubtedly be outshadowed by many of the top meta decks, however I'm confident that with the card's current potential understand the reasons for the restriction in organised play.

Therefore, It is with great pleasure that I make the suggestion for an errata'd Stratos, and for the card to return to one per deck status.

Here is the amended card text which I feel will be balanced whilst supporting the Elemental Hero strategy for fans of the GX era:

"When this card is Normal Summoned, you may search your deck for one "Elemental Hero" monster card and add it to your hand. You may only use one "Elemental Hero Stratos" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

By adding the "Once per turn" clause, and removing the "Spell and Trap Card" destruction effect, Stratos becomes a far more balanced card that does not create unbalanced situations for players.

I feel it is a worthy consideration for the "Only once per turn" clause added to the card text, similar to the restriction of "Elemental Hero Shadow Mist".

The return of Stratos would also enable the Masked Hero strategy to incorporate "Masked Hero Divine Wind", a Hero that has not seen any competitive tournament play due to the restriction of it being "Wind" element.

With the release of "Elemental Hero - Solid Man" also upcoming, it really does feel like the perfect time to give "Hero" decks the boost they need, and the release of this card would not be able to manipulate the search effect of Stratos.

I know of so many duelists who adore the Elemental Hero strategy and would love to see their favourite "Elemental Hero" take to the skies once again! 

Please sign this petition so Heroes can make a comeback!