Petition for Konami to develop a Rugby Union game [Q4 2019]

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Dear Konami,

This is a petition for you to produce a rugby union game in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup due to take place in Japan.

Rugby Union is a sport that only became professionalised in 1995. Last year saw it make its debut as an Olympic sport. Rugby Union has had a meteoric rise in popularity and has had moments of prestige, from Jonny Wilkinson’s world cup winning drop goal of 2003, to the undefeated season of the All Blacks in 2013 and even Japan’s exhilarating world cup campaign in England where in their opening game, they emerged victorious against the mighty Springboks. Today we see a completely different sport from the conception of the professional game just over 20 years ago.

Looking at the numbers of fans, in England alone there are over 1 990 000 registered rugby union players. Ireland, Scotland and Wales hold over 153 000, 38 000 and 50 000 respectively. Across the channel France and Italy boast over 360 000 and 66 000. In the southern hemisphere, South Africa has over 650 000. Australia and New Zealand have over 86 000 and 156 000. Even in the vibrant city of Hong Kong there are over 7500. In the United States, where rugby is one of the fastest growing sports, there are over 88 000 registered players. Across the border in Canada there are over 23 000. Finally in Japan there are over 122 000 registered players. This is a large potential consumer market in which you have the opportunity to make positive and impactful contribution.

A rugby union game has not seen a major development since 2007. Since then some developing studios have since tried in-vain but were unfortunately limited by lack of funding for to develop the desired gameplay and to acquire licencing for teams and franchises for the fans to consider purchasing. As a company, Konami has shown the ability to produce sports games that exude realism, fluidity and pure enjoyment from fans around the world, most notably the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The conception of the versatile and dynamic Fox Engine is one of the examples where you as a company have succeeded in searching for and implementing ways to constantly improve and progress.

In 2019, the Rugby World Cup will take place in Japan. The following year, Tokyo will once again play host to rugby in the Olympics. This is an opportunity to formulate a plan and to develop a new franchise.

Thank you for reading this message and please sign the petition.