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No more exclusive license, Share the license!

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Starting 2017 football (soccer) video games will change thanks to EA Sports and Konami, will it be for the better? Absolutely not!

EA sports currently has a monopoly on football license 's which cause Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer to create a game with so little football leagues and clubs. konami fights back with using all the money they have to keep some content exclusive to them. Neither side will ever win because one company will always have a license and prevents its rival competitor from ever obtaining it. It's been happening for a long time but every year it get worse. It used to be only leagues and competition that were exclusive to each game but now football clubs are starting to be official partners which prevents somethings from being in another video game.

Juventus and Manchester United rights and logo are prevented from being used in Pro Evolution Soccer, while Bayern Munich is completely out of the game. This this fair for PES' fans? At the same time EA's FIFA can't use the Camp Nou thanks to Konami's official premium Partnership with Barcelona. This this fair for FIFA's fans?The consumers are the ones that have to suffer because all they want to do is play their favorite football game whether it be FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer and have their favorite leagues, clubs or competitions in either game. 

It's time that exclusive licensing should be banned in video games so that football fans can play either FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer and play without less choices!


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