Make Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Great Again

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Duel Links had been a huge part of many players lives the past year plus. The game has brought many people together and has created new friendships. The way the game is currently going though has caused more negativity than fun.

The game has been gaining more and more negative response of late due to the lack in quality content and the handling of the game. If changes were to be made to make the game more enjoyable than feel like day to day work, then truly the game would re-kindle those feelings of joy many of us had when we first started the game over a year ago. 

Some of the desired changes to be made.


  1. Ranked PvP Revamp: Making the current streak system more like a point based system of the KC Cup or level based like stage 1 of the KC Cup would be a reasonable change to better decrease the time demanded for ranking up, lower the chances of de-ranking on bad match ups, and make the current rewards seem more comparable with the time investment. 

  2. Story Mode: A very long awaited feature of the game that would not only allow for more player activity, but also allow for players to explore and use more cards in the game to meet the new interactions that would come within a story based mode. This opens up the possibilities for new Character cut scenes, events, exclusive rewards, etc. Overall a newly added layer to the game that we currently lack.
  3. Less Event Rehashing: The game has been doing a stop go, stop go type of system for over a year now. What that means is the game has been stuck in event limbo and going nowhere fast with all these events being re-skinned over and over. After doing the same type of event a few times it becomes tiring and down right boring to continue, making many players drop the game and move onto something more fun. 
  4. Raise Deck Minimums: With the growing amount of cards now in the game we have created some very powerful and Meta defining decks. With the current deck limit being so low it makes the game sometimes feel to rushed and in certain instances unplayable for most. To somewhat balance this scale tipping overpowering we need to raise the minimum cards allowed to 25-30. This allows for more deck versatility and for some of the more powerful decks to be watered down slightly. Nobody likes to just auto lose on a coin toss.
  5. Make Use Of The Ban/Semi/Limited List: We are now over 20 plus box sets released in the game. Yet our list have been very small and poorly used. Making more use of these lists can help to insure more balanced game play and higher player retention rates in competitive play. This would also create more variety in user deck builds furthering the lifespan of this game. 
  6. Network Matchmaking Adjustments: Matching up with users from several miles across the Globe over trying to establish local connections can cause and have caused mass DC errors, to better improve this allow us to match up with people in our regions before attempting matching us with others outside the region. This will better create less DC issues inside the game, specially when the object is to enjoy the game not get kicked out of it constantly. (This is also an ongoing issue in region based PvP competitions like the KC Cup, where the object is to be the best in "your" region, yet get matched up with Japan 9/10 times. 
  7. Discount Older Boxes: Some of the boxes in the game have been around for over a year now yet hold the same value as they did when they first released. With so many cards being outdated and still remaining in the box at full price, I feel it is time to start halving those boxes in price per pack from 50 to 25 gems as many of the cards are now of less value in the game since their initial debut. 

    -There is many more problems inside the game that we can include, however these are the big "7" that I feel personally that are at the top of my priority list for now that can help improve Duel Links and make it all around an amazing game which it has the potential to be. So I do hope you all support the cause and sign this petition so hopefully we can let Konami know how we all feel and make Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Great Again!

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