Make Konami change the new End of Match Procedures back to normal

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The new End of Match procedures dictates that "once time is called the current Phase must be finished and at the end of it the game will conclude, with the player with most Life Points winning". A lot of players are fair while dueling, but not everyone is, so this change encourages people to do the next set of things:

* To stall for time just to end the game during their turn with a little burn effect (like the one from Gagaga Cowboy) without giving the opponent any chance to comeback once time is called.

* To slowplay to get a time extension and win a game during their turn by just doing a little bit of damage.

* To accuse their opponent of slow play even if they are not, and the opponent to defend themselves about it. This would end up in SO MANY discussions between players, making the game a lot more stressfull to play.

* To constantly rush their opponent while getting close to time (even if they are playing at a good pace) to not lose because of the new procedures.

* To constantly overthink responces to your opponent plays to cut down time or run out of time during an opponent's standby or main phase before they could win the game in their Battle phase; ending up in an unfair win.


This new End of Match Procedures it is not only counterproductive (allowing long discussions between opponents and the judges to arise) but overall is unhealthy for the competitive game. 

I think KONAMI shoul change the End of Match Procedures back to at least have 4 turns in total after time is called (2 per player), every other change i think it is okay.