Higher skills and SR/UR cards drop rates for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

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Referencing the reddit post on this topic which got over 250 upvotes in less than a day: https://redd.it/6il1k9


We all love Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links but currently, farm is not satisfying. People are not enjoying farming cards and skills anymore as there seem to be:

  1. Very low drop rates
  2. Poor distribution uniformity between skills being dropped and same-level cards
  3. Some useless resources


People expressed very vocally the lack of usefulness of many resources such as stones. The duel assessment system forces people to execute long games for high scores which is overwhelming when hundreds of those duels are needed to get the needed card or skill, especially if this card is to disappear from the game after temporary events.


Konami, you need to fix those drop rates. We want to be able to compete in tournaments or cups without spending days and nights on farming very long duels like robots. We also love to see those cards in the Card Trader.


You have a real chance to build a community, a competitive one like other great games did. So listen to us, we're here to make the game better.

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